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Founded in 2011, TECNIC has recognized experience in 3D design, metal processing, machining and assembly. Since its foundation, its business vision has focused on innovation and product engineering for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

In 2018, TECNIC set up a new department dedicated to biotechnology with qualified personnel and BSL2 laboratories for microbial and cell culture focused on continuous product improvement and equipment customization according to a biologic application optimization. TECNIC’s main purpose is to help customers in the R&D or production areas to reach their targets by using latest technology equipment suitable for their applications.

Process Engineering

In its BSL2 laboratories for microbiology and cell culture, the biotechnology department uses the equipment for continuous product improvement and for equipment customization according to a biologic application optimization.

Product engineering

TECNIC supports the design and scale-up process in the biotechnology industry. We are involved from the development stage in the lab to the production process. We act as a link between the R&D+i and manufacturing departments, providing scalable solutions to accelerate the industrialization process.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Environmental responsibility; we seek resource optimization and energy efficiency in all our projects, reducing the environmental impact.

Community responsibility; we contribute positively to society through collaboration with public and private organizations related to the scientific, biotechnological and biomedical fields.

Social responsibility; our goal is to take care of our customers and partners, from the very first moment, maintain quality standards in our products and services while keeping transparency policies.

TECNIC is sponsor of the UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) Team BTT Fornells de la Selva – https://bttfornells.org/

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