Initiates his activity in 1996. TECNIC is a company with recognised experience in the transformation metallic and of other materials, as well as one of the pioneering companies to combine three as different processes and at the same time as joined like the engineering of product, the transformation metallic, the machining and the assembly.

TECNIC throughout his business development has evolved thanks to an own engineering so much of product and of process to turn into first manufactured for the Pharmaceutical sectors, Alimentary and Chemical.

As a result we specialise us in building sytems and components for the Bioprocess of these sectors. With our added value because of our experience and without losing our starts achieve to design, calculate, build and validate all the products in our own installations; with this achieve the rigorous standards of traceability and quality for Pharmaceutical, Food and Chemical.

During these years our priority is to invest in internal training to meet the new needs according the rigorous regulations that can be applied in a future, in order to be able to perform R+D (research and development)  and be to the avant-garde of the sectors mentioned.



Our company offers
solutions of
bioprocess for systems and components
(solid and liquid)
Pharmaceutical Sectors, Food and Chemical.


And in TECNIC there are solutions of bioprocess at any level, optimizing resources, time and incidences.
Due to his effort and great dedication with its products.


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Consequently, TECNIC is committed to a high quality, thanks to its certificates that it obtains with its results.

So here you can see some of these certificates.

  • FDA
  • 3A
  • ISPE
  • EX
  • CPT
  • GMP
  • UL
  • CSA
  • ASME
  • CE