And in TECNIC there are solutions of teams and components for Bioprocess to any level, avoiding risks in the processes.

Our mission is to avoid contingencies and fulfil with the necessary rules. For this, have had to merge the areas of development and production, as well as implant protocols and software’s of last avant-garde.

Are in constant evolution to guarantee the traceability of all our processes.

Our innovation has been to merge the engineering of processes and of complete manufacture of our teams and components;
Differentiating us of other manufacturers that have own manufacture, limiting only to the setting.

As a result, TECNIC constantly is to the looked for of
new talents to work with us,
because the market asks us a constant innovation.

Work in TECNIC

Especially our wish to create impact and mark the difference to the world of the Bioprocess, and for this need dynamic people,
emprenedora and fighting to achieve our purposes.

In TECNIC will have the opportunity to grow professional and personally.

Send us your in the post electronic CV that provide you.

General information

For information related with all what represents TECNIC, can write to this address of e-mail.


For more information on the certificates that award to our teams and components, can write an e-mail.

Financial deparment

If has an administrative query, claim or incidence, can write to this e-mail.


Consequently, TECNIC is committed to a high quality, thanks to its certificates that it obtains with its results.
So here you can see some of these certificates.

  • FDA
  • 3A
  • ISPE
  • EX
  • CPT
  • GMP
  • UL
  • CSA
  • ASME
  • CE



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