Bioreactor Single&Twin


As explained in the datasheet , our bioreactors are made of borosilicate glass with working volumes of 1, 2 and 5 L (Vessel is available in Stainless Steel or Single Use) and a diameter/height ratio 1:2.5 for both microbial and cell culture optimal conditions. 

Includes pH, pO², temperature and foam/level digital sensors by default, also the bioreactor is ready-to-use additional parameter sensors as Viable Cell Density (VCD), Total Cell Density (TCD), biochemical parameters or pCO², on top of ORP and conductivity.

Mechanical agitation comes as a standard item, with the combination of Rushton impellers for microbial fermentation and Pitched-Blade impellers for cell culture.

At TECNIC we trust in modularity therefore the user may set up the variables of the peristaltic pumps to a specific function.

Microbial fermentation

Cell Culture