Cleaning Systems


TECNIC designs and manufactures full automatic CIP’s with a tank for cleaning volumes up to 2.000L and a control unit tower with a 15” surface touch screen with our TECNIC’s software named Advanced eSCADA which is based on a Supervising Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) architecture and allows the management of basic process control parameters up to advanced recipes and report management.

For this equipment, an additional detergent tank could be add in order to used two different products. Furthermore, it is available to add a self-generating heat system, for the cases that is needed to temper the product.

The removal of residues is accomplished with a 6 phases CIP cycle

1. Pre-rinse

Waters the interior surface, removes most of the remaining residues, dissolves sugars and partially melts fats.

2. Caustic wash

Washes fats making them easier to remove.

3. Intermediate rinse

Water flushes out traces of detergent remaining.

4. Final rinse

With either DI, RO or city water to flush residual cleaning agents.

5. Sanitizing rinse

Helps to kill microorganisms before starting the next production.

6. DEP (Drying End Process)

Removes moisture remaining.