Media Preparation


TECNIC’s media preparation equipment consists in four independent tanks and dosing pumps (one for each) which mix and filter for a later use. The mixed solution is stored in an ePROD vessel made of Stainless Steel 316L which has magnetic agitation for a homogeneous mixing.

The media preparation equipment offers multiple options of agitation, instrumentation and other process elements in order to ensure the control of all the variables. In addition, they can incorporate cleaning and sterilization cycles (CIP / SIP).

The control unit consists in a double control tower with two capacitive touch screen for a dual interaction (admin and operator). Both of them includes our TECNIC’s software named eSCADA which is based on a Supervising Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) architecture and allows the management of basic process control parameters up to advanced recipes and report management. TECNIC presents its software in 2 different versions for this equipment: Basic and Advanced (more information in the eSCADA page).