Tangential Flow Filtration


TECNIC’s ePROD Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) equipment is designed in order to optimize downstream processes with a working surface area from 7 to 56 m2. It has a control unit tower by TECNIC for processing and an optional vessel for media concentration or diafiltration.

The control unit consists in a double control tower with two capacitive touch screen for a dual interaction (admin and operator). Both of them include our TECNIC’s software named eSCADA which is based on a Supervising Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) architecture and allows the management of basic process control parameters up to advanced recipes and report management. TECNIC offers its software in 2 different versions for this equipment: Basic and Advanced (more information in eSCADA page).

The vessel is available in Stainless Steel and it includes a 360º self-cleaning spray ball for the Cleaning in Place (CIP) cycle module. Also has a double jacket (a thermal jacket with water-glycol and a rock wool jacket) to prevent the user from getting burned.

This ePROD crossflow system is fully automated, so Transmembrane Pressure (TMP) can be defined previously with the software eSCADA and will be controlled by the control unit by acting on the retentate valve throughout the process.valves designed by TECNIC and a double large sight glass to see the product status.