ESACT 2022 – TECNIC as the first Catalan company in bioprocess vanguard

We are delighted to have participated, as exhibitors, in an important fair such as ESACT (European Society for Animal Cell Technology), whose edition was held in Lisbon, last week, from 26th to 29th June. This fair brings together top brands and companies representing the biotechnology sector. This edition has been a great experience, thanks in part to the facility of the organizers. It’s also worth mentioning the high level of talent and hard work among the exhibitors.

Definitely, for TECNIC, it has been an important event because, in addition to being among great brands already darned, it was our first introduction to biotec society and we can say that we are delighted with the sensation caused. This wouldn’t have been possible without the effort, motivation and perseverance of our team, so we are very proud to count on each and every one of them.  And, of course, many thanks to the team who stood up for all of us.



We can say that TECNIC managed to position itself, at the same level of competitors and without any complexity, as the first Catalan company in bioprocess vanguard.


New agitation system for animal cell cultivation

Finally, we would like to mention that we were also present at the seminar session of the congress, presenting a new agitation system for animal cultivation, in poster format, which
was very well received, entering the TOP100 ranking, thus highlighting our R&D department.

We managed to attract visitors with a simple but disruptive stand and strong communication, creating expectation. As well as the solutions offered, we were able to bring some of our most outstanding equipment. They are the face of what we are.


However, the most valued part was, without a doubt, the human team, the delivery deadlines and the assistance to the clients.


Thank you to everyone who took time to visit us, specially to our clients, partners and competitors.


We are very grateful for the nice and positive welcome we had.