TECNIC Bioprocess Equipment Manufacturing presents the new range of ePILOT bioreactors

TECNIC designs and manufactures in its headquarters in Riudarenes upstream and downstream equipment for laboratory use (eLAB), pilot plant (ePILOT) and production (ePROD) at its Riudarenes plant (Girona).

The new ePILOT bioreactors, ranging from 10 to 50 litres in useful volume, feature an extremely compact design ideal for tight spaces. This equipment has the ability to self- generate steam for SIP (sterilization in place) cycles, avoiding installations and validations of external steam lines.

The equipment has been designed to be able to exchange the culture tank at a different volume within the ePILOT range while maintaining the structure without the need to change installation, focusing this equipment on multidisciplinary use in scaling processes.

The instrumentation and control of the process is recorded in our own eSCADA (basic, R&D+ and advanced) software, programmed in Aveva industrial platform, which allows the continuous monitoring of the process as well as the interconnection with other TECNIC equipment generating indexed results towards higher industrial layers (SCADA, MES, ERP).

Engineering-wise, this product range includes a unique weigthing system, which allows a very high precision using a single load cell.

Innovation, reliability and service to our customers are key points where we put all our effort and attention. We will be happy to discuss it with you.