TECNIC equipment: an example of industrial versatility

All TECNIC bioreactors allow the control of basic process parameters such as temperature, pH, pO2, as well as any other parameters (turbidity, cell density, concentration of dissolved gases) that our client needs for particular processes. Regulation of dissolved oxygen in the culture environment is performed by cascade control, modulating agitation, aeration, O2 enriched aeration or substrate addition. The equipment consists of four addition pumps; three of them (anti-foaming, acid, base) with fixed speed operation and one (addition) with variable speed for a better culture medium command. In order to ensure sterility within the biological reactor, sterile addition valves and a fully aseptic sampling system have been designed by connecting them to the SIP (sterilization in place) system.

The entire range of TECNIC products and equipment incorporate eSCADA custom control software built on the Wonderware System Platform architecture, which allows the management of basic control parameters and the execution of advanced recipes (in compliance with GAMP®5 and CFR21). The bioreactor also includes a SIP and a CIP system that is controlled from the tower through a very user-friendly interface.

This project is the result of the collaboration between TECNIC and its subsidiary TECNIC BIO to meet the needs of the project from the concept phase to production. TECNIC BIO has a highly qualified scientific team and microbial and cellular laboratories to most effectively advise our customers.